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About Reckoner ERP

Reckoner is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that gives your company efficient supply chain management at every level of your operation. It's an information technology system that integrates data captured at all different stages and provides managers a clear, complete perspective on their business across national, currency, and organisational boundaries. The benefit is that companies streamline their operations and perform activities that add value efficiently and effectively.

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Reckoner Core

Reckoner depends on Core for its overall functionality. An Enterprise can define the Structure of its companies with their respective branches or units. Reckoner Core further defines the Organisational Structure of the company, i.e. Users, their designations and the existing hierarchy and authorities. It defines the accessibility to all the designations for various system functions. Reckoner Core dynamically interfaces with the entire Reckoner application. Additional attributes for any document can be defined here.

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